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Seshling is a collaborative identity between DWREK, Tyler Kahn, and Danny Ø.

A concept collective forged out of a passion for music;

dedicated to creating experiences that embrace the connection between fans and creators.

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Danny Ø

A recent transplant from Seattle, Danny Ø curates a deep atmospheric sound that embodies his passion for the underground. His sets include a blend of progressive, melodic techno and tech house that catch his listeners in an endless trance.

Tyler Kahn

Dropping singles and ready to mingle, Tyler Kahn is opening doors to a unique side of electronic music that the people are yearning for. His raw, yet refined, style is the result of many sleepless nights in the studio, manipulating sounds few would consider “musical”.


The faceless founder of Seshling. A nomadic producer and DJ who’s allegiance lies only to house, techno, and the people that give it meaning. He thrives at night, serving heavy beats to a hungry audience.

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